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A very brief historical sketch of St Chad's Church in New Plymouth.

From 1843 to 1956 the area of the present parish of West New Plymouth was a part of St Mary's Anglican Parish. The first settlers of the New Zealand Company arrived in early 1841 on the William Bryan. Bishop Selwyn visited the settlement in 1842 and arranged for the first clergyman to come, the Rev William Bolland [1843].

When the last chartered ship, The Essex, arrived in 1843 there were a total of 1049 Europeans in New Plymouth, 430 of whom were under 14 years of age. The Omata Block of 1200 acres was bought in 1847 for 400 pounds and the first Omata Church was built on Waireka Road in 1848 In 1860 22 "Omata" settlers built St Bride's Church at Burton's Hill. The church was spared in the land wars of the 1860s and was moved in 1888 to Barrett Rd/Pheny Rd and was in use until the 1950s.